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Education Programs, Classes, and Workshops

Effective August 1, 2014


Adventures in Music (AIM) Weekends – The entire region gathers in Sacramento, CA twice a year for classes with an International faculty and special Saturday night entertainment. AIM weekends typically begin with Friday night classes and singing, and end on Sunday morning with host chorus coaching and other education opportunities. Usually these weekends are held on the third weekend of January and September. The Saturday night entertainment in January is a parade for novice and double quartets; in September we send off our International competitors with a Pep Rally!

Area Schools – Regional faculty bring education to locations more geographically accessible to all ou members. Usually 1-day workshops involving several choruses, area schools are tailored to the needs of the choruses involved and include vocal and visual training, and a chance to perform. Area schools are scheduled at different times of the year depending on the availability of faculty and choruses.

Learn Arm Waving (LAW) School – Coached by one of our skilled and compassionate Regional faculty, musical leaders (including directors) get a chance to hone their conducting skills and try new things in a safe and supportive environment. Singers benefit greatly by observing and following different conducting styles, and those who want to just “try it out” with their hands can do so in small groups. Attendees learn a new song and get a wonderful appreciation for the people waving their arms in front of them. Offered twice a year.

Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) – Held every other year, LEAD school is designed to support chorus musical and administrative leaders and those wishing to join those teams, in developing skills and adding to their base of knowledge for “making things happen” in their home choruses. Topics rotate among team building, communication, goal setting, organizational dynamics, managing vs leading, delegation, and other important elements critical to a healthy, thriving chorus.

Mt. Harmony Camp – A weekend away for girls ages 13-25 with Sweet Adeline faculty and staff to support, encourage, and teach them all about barbershop. This program is usually offered in November, starting on a Friday night and ending with a performance for friends and families on Sunday morning. Region 12 members are encouraged to participate as camp counselors and join in the fun of seeing our next generation of singers blossom before their eyes.

Arrangers of Region Twelve (ART) School – Barbershop arranging is a specialized skill and arrangers are always in demand. Whether you want to sell your songs to the next International Champion quartet, or you just want to make a chord easier to sing in your quartet or add some pizzazz to a tag for your chorus, the faculty and other arrangers in the program can help. This program is currently undergoing renovation with the possibility of offering online training in the future.

Quartet Workshop – An annual workshop for quartets, featuring a high-achieving International quartets (like our own Love Notes!) as teachers and coaches, and a chance to perform for each other in the evening

Fees, registration, directions, and other information will be posted on the Regional website for each event. Questions? Comments? Contact Regional Education Coordinator Julie Starr.

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